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All custom orders must be placed at least 2 weeks in advance. Please select the category your order is under and fill out the corresponding form after viewing the menu. For wedding catering, birthday parties, large event orders, or any other order questions you have, please use the "Contact Me" form for assistance. 

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Signature Pineapple Cake- Dark chocolate pinata cake with candied pretzels and almonds,  whipped cream and caramel fillings, decorated with a pineapple  design and white chocolate “leaves”. (6 inch cake, 6 layers,)..........$104

Cookies n’ Cream Cake- Chocolate chip cake with Oreo crust and Oreo frosting, topped with chocolate ganache drip, buttercream rope border, and Oreos. (Pictured) (6 in cake, 3 layers)..........$42


Ultimate S'mores Cake- Dark chocolate cake with Graham Cracker crust, whipped chocolate ganache filling, and toasted marshmallow frosting, topped with dark chocolate ganache drip, toasted marshmallow swirls, Graham Cracker crumbs, and Hershey’s Chocolate. (6 in cake, 3 layers)..........$48


Biscoff Cookie Cake- Biscoff cake with Biscoff Cookie Crust and Biscoff Cookie Butter frosting, topped with cookie crumbs and Biscoff cookies. (6 in cake, 3 layers)..........$42


Key Lime Cake- Key lime infused cake with Graham Cracker crust and key lime frosting, topped with  Graham Cracker crumbs and candied key lime slices. (6 in cake, 3 layers)..........$46


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All cakes can be made into cupcakes! Build your own cupcakes, or turn any of my specialty cakes into cupcakes. The pricing depends on the level of difficulty of the design you have in mind. Please select "View More" to view the full cake menu. All cake and cupcake flavor options are the same.


Sold by the dozen. Each dozen starts at $18, 

Level 1- No filling, no crust, simple piping design, white cupcake liners, any choice of sprinkles

(No additional charge)


Level 2- Filling, crust, flower piped design, other piped design, any choice of sprinkles

(Additional $8 per dozen)

Signature Pineapple Cupcakes..........$26 per dozen

All other specialty cupcakes (same as cake flavors)..........$22

Fall Cookies

Shugga Cookies (Shipping available)

Signature Shugga Cookies- Buttery roll out sugar cookie topped with royal icing 

Shugga Cookies can be customized to fit any of your needs or events.  Select the "Order Now" button to customize yours now!

Pricing starts at $18 per dozen. Shipping is available!

Additional charges come with the size, shape, and complexity of the design you have in mind.  

Cookies are ranked by their level of complexity and additional charges are added from there. 

Level 1- 1-3 colors, simple piped design ($18 per dozen)

Level 2- 4+ colors, complex piped design, lettering, airbrush detailing, edible paint detailing, sprinkles ($28 per dozen)

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Specialty Cookies (Shipping available)

All Signature Cookies are $14 per dozen. 


Sea Salt Chocolate Chip Cookie

Cinnamon Roll Cookies

Cookie Butter Snickerdoodles

Salted Brownie Crinkle Cookies

S’mores Cookies

Strawberry Cheesecake Cookies

Chocolate Mocha Cookies

Cake Batter Cookies

Untitled_Artwork (15).jpg

Macarons (Shipping available)

All macarons are $16 per dozen. If the flavor has a * behind it, the colors can be customized! 


Vanilla Bean Macarons- Vanilla bean macaron shell filled with a vanilla bean buttercream*

Dark Chocolate Macarons- Dark chocolate macaron shell with a whipped dark chocolate ganache filling


Mocha Macarons- Espresso macaron shell with a whipped dark chocolate mocha ganache filling and a dark chocolate drizzle


Lemon Cream Macarons- Lemon macaron shell with a lemon whipped white chocolate ganache*


White Chocolate Key Lime Macarons- Key lime macaron shell with a whipped white chocolate key lime ganache filling and a white chocolate drizzle* 


Rosewater White Chocolate Macarons- Rosewater macaron shell with a whipped rosewater white chocolate ganache filling*


Fruity Pebbles Macarons- Fruity Pebbles macaron shell with a Fruity Pebbles infused whipped white chocolate ganache*


Cookies and Cream- Cookies and cream macaron shell with a cookies and cream whipped white chocolate ganache


Cinnamon Roll Macarons- Cinnamon and vanilla bean macaron shell with a brown sugar cream cheese filling

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